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I've Got Your Back!

Sometimes in life you just need someone to tell you that they've got your back! Especially when life gets stressful, and you have postural back pain from text neck, headaches, migraines, hunching over computers, low back pain, sciatica, tight hips, or after rehabbing after injury or surgery. Lisa Rogers is a car accident survivor left with chronic neck pain. She's the CEO of Cali Girl Fitness. She's a NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Trainer.


She will share tips about her favorite items and helpful hints that have helped her destress, and live a more pain free life. Her Power of 2 weight loss program has helped clients lose up to a pound of fat a week by skipping around 2 excess items a day. She does not believe fad diets or starving yourself to get skinny. Her guests will provide a wealth of knowledge about back pain, & the importance of keeping a sound mind and body. Her show is positive, informative, uplifting, funny, and will feed your soul! Her tribe of mindful guests will have your back! 

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