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Lisa is an expert goal setter, for your business goals, health, wellness, and soul! 

Lisa has been setting goals since she was in college working at Franklin Covey Day Planner Company. (You remember those fancy leather day planners where you would write down and prioritize your daily goals, weekly, and monthly goals.) As she learned from the best in the world such as the late great Stephen R.Covey author of a book that you may have herd of called The 7 Habits of highly effective people about goal planning. She dreamed of being a Corporate Trainer Helping people set healthy attainable goals. She did not know that it would later help her lead teams and become successful in sales, leadership, wellness, and health! 

She moved to California and became a nurse recruiter by day and teaching at the gym at night. She has a deep love for healthcare professionals working on their feet for long 12 hour shifts. Her mom is a nurse, her grandpa and uncle are doctors. She did not get their operating room gene, but she soon fell in love with helping people post physical therapy once they've been cleared by their doctors to help them exercise rehab their injuries. She's had a lot of personal experience with physical therapy, chiropractors, massage and wellness to try to help her own neck and shoulder pain after rolling and totaling her car in the snow when she was 18. Proper posture, and muscles to anchor down the right spots to hold things into place make such a huge improvement on daily postural pain. Now Lisa loves to speak about it, and help others. 

You can chose if you'd like her to speak at a your next corporate, friend, or family gathering event in person in Southern CA, or online via Zoom, she can speak to your suits or live demo class in spandex depending on your groups attire. Mix and match topics. 

Listed below are her top 7 favorite topics that she speaks about that can help you and your team! You can chose just basic speaking in person, zoom live video web conferencing online, and everyone loves making them interactive by adding the lucky number 7 magic massage balls for group classes done in person! 


Our nations newest epidemic. We all love our cell phones, but how do we stop hunching over them? Kids are growing up hunching over having eye strain playing video games, losing functionality in depth perception, teenagers and adults are feeling the postural pain from hunching over the phone. How do we help combat the hunchback? Learn some basic stretches and exercises to help stop the slouching! This is highly effective when combined with #7 magic massage balls!


TELA- THERAPY for Health Care 

Learn how Web Cam video conferencing or Tele- Medicine can help patient outcomes post surgery providing improved patient outcomes, while increasing your bottom line. Lisa was first introduced to web teaching while working as a Director at a Private University, and then on her own interactive Cali Girl Fitness Site. She has first hand knowledge how checking in and conducting live video conferencing sessions where clients can be active an participate with immediate access to guidance and direction dramatically helps improve client outcomes! She would have loved these options when her disc was bulging, had numbness and nerve pain down her left arm, and was sent home, on pain killers, and muscle relaxers with a sheet of paper do do stretches and exercises from home. She's a huge advocate for Tele Therapy options for health care providers. If her Physician and Physical Therapist had the ability to check in on her to make sure that she was doing the exercises properly at home. They could help ensure that she was weaning off the opiates properly. This would have been a huge relief to her to make sure that she's doing exercises properly without getting injured, and make sure she's not taking opiates long enough to get addicted. (I was too worried about it, I didn't finish the bottle. )


A simple check in web cam call can make all of the difference in the world for the patient. It can help older adults that are not as mobile and transportation issues are harder after surgery. It also may increase your practices revenue. Which is a win win for everyone! More people helped, and less office lines in the lobby! 

Hospital staff are often on their feet for long periods of time. This can be combined with Lucky number 7 massage balls, for a relaxing and revitalizing inservice session. 



More and more adults are getting sciatica, typically from sitting in a hip flexed position all day. Cars are a huge culprit for this. While your driving your right foot, has to be flexed and active to pedal. Over time it can cause muscle imbalances from the toe to hip, which can pinch that old pesky sciatica nerve. Gone are the days where we run around and scavenge around for our food. We sit and drive to Trader Joes, and sit again then when they don't have everything we need, we go to Whole Foods, then sit in our car off to Ralphs to get the rest of our groceries. Where we sit hunched in our kitchen eating over our food. Then we plop on the couch and sit to Nextflix and chill hunched over some more! We all need more core! Learn some basic exercises and stretches to activate your core, hips, hamstrings, glutes, and calves to help with muscle imbalances.

Add the lucky number 7 massage balls to this workshop and you'll learn how tight your hips really are! Highly recommended! 



Learn simple things to make your work station work for you!. Have less carpel tunnel.  Position your seat and elbows properly for your height. Correct your monitors to have less neck and eye strain to be more functional at work. If you're lucky enough to have a standing desk, did you know that you're only suppose to actually use it standing for 20 minutes per hour so that you don't hurts your hamstrings, knees, and ankles! Set up a private session for yourself or for your team to be assessed! 

Add the Lucky number 7 massage balls and keep a pair in your desk to use when you're stressed and tight at work! 



Learn how by skipping typically up to two excess snacks a day can help you lose up to a pound of fat a week. If you and group of friends are constantly complaining about wanting to shed some weight. This is a great way to organize a group and save on learning Lisa's power of 2 weight loss program. During this session she will teach your group how to calculate your BMR Basil Metabolic Rate (What your burning a day) vs what your overeating a day. That's your magic weight loss zone! You never want to drop below your BMR. So the good news, is that you don't have to starve to lose weight! It's pretty simple once you know your excess numbers weight loss zone! If you can typically skip around 2 excess items a day around 500 calories you can lose up to a pound of fat a week! You can still eat the things you love! No Fad Diets! The numbers don't lie! It's more simple that you think! 



This is for my golden oldies! Lisa loves working with older adults. She teaches fall prevention classes. As you age, one of the biggest fears is falling. Learn how to fall properly to help avoid further injury. Learn proper sitting techniques to help keep you more stable when you stand and not hurt and lock your joints. Often when walkers are used, the individual pushes it way too far out in front of them looking down to avoid items in their direct path, this is a less stable position and they lose their balance and horizon line by not looking forward and ahead which then pulls all of the muscles working overtime on the backside forward increasing the hunching. Which makes it harder to get up from chairs, in and out of cars, and off the loo. Lisa is available to speak at nursing homes, or online via zoom to help educate and give tips and hints to have better stability! She's worked with a lot of 90 year olds! The average age of our generation is living to be anywhere from 90 to 110! Let's make the last years better years! 



Lucky number 7! This is my favorite workshop to teach! Feeling knotty? You're not alone! We're all hunching over our cell phones, computers, desks, on our feet at work, sitting in traffic for long periods of time, hunching while cooking, kid on your hip, heavy purses, bags, laptops, condensed spaces when you travel, then smushing your spine and joints on non ergonomic beds, and pillows when you sleep starting the cycle all over again. They are excellent at finding pesky knots in your upper, middle, lower back, and hips! These physical therapy grade massage balls will be your new best friend! This will be the best team building or friendship class you're body will ever take! The great thing about these balls is that they are small, you can keep them in your desk, & bring them with you when you travel. I have a set at home, work, and in my travel bag. They have been a lifesaver for my chronic neck pain from rolling and totaling my car. 

I do not sell the balls. But I will order them for your group if it's in person workshop for an additional $20 per person that attends the workshop. They will get 2 balls to take home at the end of the workshop. (I do not ship individual balls for your groups. That's what amazon prime is for. :) Please allow at least a week prior to the workshop with accurate numbers and must pay for workshop and balls in full upfront in order to have your magic pain eraser massage balls ordered and arrive in time for your event! Lisa is located in Newport Beach CA. She will speak for her hourly trainer rate at $125 an hour for online and in person within a half an hours driving distance from Newport. If further away additional fee's to include travel to, from and accommodations to stay if it's out of state. Fill out the from below and include "Corporate Classes" in the subject line of the email to discuss what your group would like. 


Magic Eraser Massage Balls!

These Physical Therapy Grade Facia Massage Balls 
Work Like Magic to destroy your knots! 
Great for group team building and bonding activities! 
You're back & hips will thank you! 
Leave your meeting with a wealth of knowledge, feeling
de-stressed with more mobility and flexibility with these magic massage balls! 

Watch video below to see an example of a live Zoom workout class. (*Please note weekly classes, recorded videos & membership subscription are not currently offered at the moment. ) Only Private Training and Private Group Workshops are currently in available. 

Please fill out form below with the following information that pertains to your group to request a private group class and quote. 
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If this group is in person you will need to set up the location to host the event. Please let me know where you think that this would be hosted. If using the balls is there blank wall space, or room on the floor? Will you be providing any other type of equipment such as a yoga mat if you'd like to do stretching and a few exercises?
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If you'd like to host this online, I will set up a free Zoom link for your attendees. They will need to have access to internet, and webcam to participate. 
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If so what equipment will your participants have? No equipment is necessary, but if you already have access to a wellness center or a room with more room and wall space is ideal if entire participants are using the rolley massage balls.
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Lisa at : 310-484-6899 for a faster response. 
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I look forward to providing an fun filled informative workshop! 
Thank you for your interest! 
Lisa Rogers
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