Lisa Rogers has over 20 years of Fitness Experience. She's been a Personal Trainer, Training Manager, and Group Fitness Instructor. If she can train the trainers, she can train you! 

Lisa Rogers 

Fitness Trainer, Founder

Lisa Rogers owner of Cali Girl Fitness is one of CA's most sought after Personal Trainers & Group Fitness Instructors. She's been teaching people how to get fit since the millennium started in 2000! She's helped teenagers, to seniors and every age in-between master their workouts! Lisa is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, FMS Movement Specialist, NESTA PFT,  & AFAA Group Fitness Instructor. She teaches low impact modalities such as Pilates, Weight Training, Spinning, Ballet Barre, and stretching classes. 


Lisa is a level 3 Master trainer.  She is the queen of teaching her clients proper form. Her specialty is core and spine workouts. After surviving multiple car accidents involving traumatic neck injuries which lead to countless hours of physical therapy, she has devised workouts that are lower impact on the joints and spine, with high results. Which is why she chose her Spiny Seahorse as her Cali Girl Fitness Logo. She helps people with basic common imbalances from Text Neck, shoulder pain, Low Back pain, to severe sciatica, and post rehab for injuries and surgeries for hip, knee and ankle. 


Lisa's at her best when she's helping others correct their muscle imbalances which can cause pain. She has first hand knowledge of what it's like to have a chronic injury that causes pain, and finds ways to make weaknesses become strengths! She's helped numerous of people in their quest to lose weight, gain muscle, pre-and post natal exercise, rehab after injuries, & rehab post surgery. She is dedicated to help others get stronger and feel good about their physical health! She will give you immediate feedback on form and advice while your training with her live over Zoom!  She has a energetic positive personality, you will have fun working out with her while learning the proper form! Your time with her will fly by! It's time to put the FUN back in FUNcutional! She loves working with older adults have more functionality. You can be fit at any age! 

At age 41 her life came crashing down as pipe burst over her bedroom and living room ceiling flooding her home leaving her displaced for 6 months. She was eating out for every meal, not sleeping well on beds that were not good for her neck injuries, and crying a lot awaiting the fate of her home. She gained 22 pounds during her flood displacement. Once she found a new home, she incorporated her Power of Two weight loss program where she figured out how to lose a pound of fat a week, without starving and typically skipping around 2 excess snacks a day. This has worked for her, she's lost the 22 pounds, and it has worked for all of her clients that apply it! She can teach you how to do it too! And you can still eat all of the foods that you like! No fad diets that don't work, no cutting out sugar, carbs, or fats. You get to keep them, just in healthy doses. It's so simple that once you learn it you'll be shocked how hard we've been making things, and how easy it is to lose once identify your daily culprits to avoid! It works for everyone all shapes and sizes male and female at any age! 


Workout anywhere, schedule a time!

Oh the places we go! 

Cali Girl Fitness was tailor made to go where you are! The Beauty of having access to a trainer that you can take with you on while on vacation, business trips, or at home typically only happens with celebrities. Now you get to be the STAR of your own workouts! You need to pick a package and commit to schedule sessions that work for you! Training is non refundable. If you don't use it you lose it. Lose weight, not sessions. Please be mindful and make sure to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance so you don't lose your session to be fair to other clients and Lisa's schedule. Respect your time, respect your body, & you'll be amazed what it does for your soul! 


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